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* 14 August 2022 *

Announcing the first Australasian Sexual and Reproductive Health Day

Australasian Sexual and Reproductive Health Day – A future fit for reproductive health and rights by 2050 will be held on Monday 29 August 2022.

The event will be run on the first day of the Joint Australasian Sexual Health and HIV&AIDS Conferences.

The introduction of a stand-alone reproductive health day within the Australasian Sexual Health and HIV&AIDS Joint Conference is a natural and obvious synergy. It acknowledges that to achieve positive health outcomes, sexual health and reproductive interventions must be closely aligned. This integration will provide opportunities for professional development and networking across disciplines, encouraging a broader engagement across research, clinical management, prevention, to ensure best practice and policy. 

The day’s program focuses on securing the future of reproductive health and rights, concentrating on leadership, technology, workforce, community and civil society and their role in achieving universal access to contraception, abortion and preventing reproductive coercion. 

While the sustainable development goals three and five provide us with some reproductive health targets until 2030 we will need to plan beyond these to anticipate new challenge that will require new technological applications, policy and financing strategies and transdisciplinary team work across sectors.  

The conference will involve short presentations from national and international experts who will provide a vision for the future of reproductive health. This will be followed by plenaries and debates with key stakeholders who will explore the merits of these insights for policy and practice in Australian and New Zealand contexts. We will be engaging the audience in a series of interactive activities to help with prioritising and tailoring strategies for implementation to ensure a future fit for reproductive health.